Summer Camps

Neptune runs an annual summer camp for boys and girls aged between 14 and 16.

We will be organising camps for the summer of 2019 so keep an eye out here or on our Facebook Page closer to the date to find out more details.


The camp is a great opportunity for your kids to get out on the river and learn a new skill in this unique environment like no other in Dublin. At the footsteps of the scenic War Memorial Gardens, the stretch of river meanders from the weir at Islandbridge up as far as Chaplizod. This 2km stretch of water is the perfect environment to learn to row, made evident by the number of boathouses that are allocated along it’s banks.

Our friendly instructors will be teaching your kids the basics of the rowing stroke, how to balance and move the shell efficiently as part of a crew and by themselves in a single scull. By the end of the week they will be confident enough to go out in a single scull by them selves and preform numerous tricks that many experienced oarsmen would find difficult.

The camps have been great success to the club bringing in new oars men and women year on year, and we are looking forward to see what the next opportunity that will come out way.